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Away with the taboo: Vaginal dryness is not 'fate'

One in five women suffers from dryness in the genital area. In women after menopause, it is one in three – in this phase of life, most affected women simply put up with it. The symptoms are fairly diverse: soreness when sitting or moving, diffuse tension or burning sensation, problems with tight clothing and not least impairment of sexual life.

Vaginal dryness often has a physical cause. The main one is an oestrogen deficiency during lactation, after an illness or as a result of the menopause. Also, diabetes and hypertension have an effect on the moistening of the vaginal tract. In addition, psychosocial causes such as anxiety, stress, or partnership issues play a crucial role. Sometimes women can no longer tell which was their first: the difficulty with sexual intercourse or with the relationship.

A simple remedy are moisturising creams or gels. Their consistency mimics the natural vaginal fluid. Often, the unpleasant sensation of dryness is significantly reduced after only a single application. The stress state of the vaginal mucous membrane is reduced, and it becomes more elastic and less vulnerable.

Water-based gels work significantly better than those based on oil. Their pH value is similar to the natural environment of the vagina. They are simple, safe and stainless and have excellent skin compatibility. An additional advantage is that an oil free, water-based gel does not affect latex condoms. The excellent lubricating effect of the gels are not least good for sex life. Quite often these women can at last experience relaxed, stress-free sexuality.

Once again enjoying their own body, moving about with ease in everyday life – a vaginal gel can make a big difference with that. Using it should be as naturally as that of a conventional skin cream or drinking at least 2 litres of fluid per day. Equally "normal" is to take professional advice from trained personnel in health food stores. For them, vaginal dryness is no longer a taboo topic.